3 Reviews of “The Resurrection Of Ants” by Life On Mars (April 2017 release/15 songs)

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3 Reviews of “The Resurrection Of Ants” by Life On Mars

(April 2017 release/15 songs)


review #2 

review #3ants cover 1 hi res

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Press Release: “The Resurrection of Ants” release date. April 14, 2017.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Introducing “The Resurrection of Ants” – The first new recorded music from Life On Mars in two years.

Available Friday, April 14th, 2017.


From The Bronx, New York, prolific songwriter and musician Earl Kayoss has written over 700 songs and his website is called, rather appropriately Over700Songs.com. Earl says that the lyrics are the most important part of the creative process to him; with each of his songs, he wrote the lyrics first with the music springing out of the lyrics. Earl is an ASCAP-registered songwriter and his ASCAP publishing company is “Vindictive Cat Ltd.”Earl released his debut album in 2009 called “Disarray.” An EP titled “Nancy’s Finger” along with his 2nd full length album “Beyond the Reach of the Infinite Mercy of God” followed in 2014.

Life On Mars 

The band “Life On Mars” was formed in 2014 from a fateful collision between two worlds (Earl meets Fernando Perdomo) and consists of fellow ACR Management artist, Fernando Perdomo, who is both producer, engineer and artist on vocals, and most instruments. Earl is the principle songwriter and artist on vocals and guitar and piano. Life On Mars also features Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd) on lead and backing vocals. Another great artist recently added to the band, Ruti Celli, on lead vocals and cello. As the project “Life On Mars”, they released their debut 10-track album “Far” to critical acclaim in May 2015.

“The Resurrection of Ants”

Before embarking on the journey whose final destination was the Life On Mars album “The Resurrection of Ants”, I wondered what it was that my most-loved bands had in common. Why were these bands and their songs my favorites, my influences over the decades. I realized it was two things they all had in common. The first being the most obvious… they each had uniquely gifted musicians whose uniqueness was the biggest contribution to the songs that made the songs what they were… great songs. The second took some thought. I finally realized that these bands all had the ability to run the entire spectrum of the song range and… get away with it. It was still “them” no matter how far and wide the songs themselves ranged in style, structure and intent. The Beatles could do “Blackbird” and “Helter Skelter… it was still The Beatles. Led Zeppelin could do “Going to California” and “Kashmir”… it was still Zep. David Bowie explored and delivered the entire spectrum of the capability of songs throughout his entire career. Everything fit together, everything was ONE with these bands, no matter how far the songs themselves differed from one another. There’s alot of absolutely great bands you could never say that about… they had their “niche” and they stayed within those walls with their songs, never venturing outside those walls. With the Life On Mars band, I had the uniquely gifted musicians. I added the diversity of songs and let the players have at them and add their uniqueness to my songs. I believe I created an album in the likeness of my most-loved bands… an album with unique and great musicians and… songs that are diverse but they are still Life On Mars, they are still Earl Kayoss, they all go together seamlessly to form one single work of art. Nothing seems out of place at all. – ek.


Album Highlights

15 new studio recordings from Life On Mars.

64 minutes of music.

Compact Disc (CD) is available with 2 different cover art choices.

Digital Download is available on all major music platforms.

Digital Lyric Book is available upon request in PDF or Word Document Files.


 1 I’m Alright (4:12)

 2 I Can Save Your Planet (3:57)

 3 Technology (5:42)

 4 Crying Time (4:27)

 5 Hourglass (4:27)

 6 Home (4:13)

 7 Money Game (5:20)

 8 Shadows In A Jar (4:41)

 9 Get Real (2:36)

10 Like Magic (3:59)

11 Snowman (4:41)

12 Parade (4:36)

13 Either Way (4:10)

14 Birth (3:59)

15 For A Reason (4:13)

For Bookings / Information
Please contact ACR Management:
ann@acrmanagement.com or call: 252-402-5395

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ACR Management

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I am pleased, proud and honored to announce that I have been added to the ACR Management (Burbank, California, USA) roster of artists… and my music career is now managed by that agency. ACR will assist in furthering my career and this is a wonderful beginning to (hopefully) a long and fruitful relationship. There are many wonderful things about this… the most-wonderful being that Ann Rinaldi will be managing me and she is an incredible person who has already, within 2 days, got me involved with something that I am thrilled to be involved with. I will be making an additional announcement on that very shortly. Since this is all so new… my bio, photos and peripheral information is in the process of being transferred over to ACR by me and once it’s all posted on the ACR site, I will provide a link here for those of you you care to have a look. I am happy and excited about this and although this news is attached to me, it’s really the best thing that could have ever happened to my songs. I care for my songs in the way you care for your children and loved ones and everything I do with and for my songs is intended to be for the enjoyment of all who read this announcement and people around the world who may hear them someday. Thanks to all my dear friends and associates who have supported me along the way and made it possible for me to reach this juncture in my musical career. New album on the way!!! I hope you like it. Thanks so much. – ek. 23 January 2017.me studio 1.19.17

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Life On Mars – featured artists – Siren radio 107.3fm/England 22 January 2017

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Tracey Edges – Sunday Girl (no.167) 22/1/17

Transcript featuring Artist of the Week: Life On Mars


It is now time for the Sunday Girl Artist of the Week. Who is a little bit old and a little bit new. Not age wise. After seeing that I played previous Sunday Girl Artists of the Week, Fernando Perdomo, fellow musician and songwriter Earl Kayoss and you spell that K-a-y-o-s-s, from New York got into, excuse me to say that he was in a separate project along with Fernando called “Life On Mars.”

The band “Life On Mars” consists of Fernando Perdomo, who is both producer and artist on vocals and playing almost all instruments. Earl Kayoss who is a songwriter and artist on vocals and their special guest is Durga McBroom on lead vocals. As the project “Life On Mars” they have released a 10 track album called “Far” and both of the songs I will play today are from this album. The 1st is “Oblivious.”


That was “Oblivious” by “Life On Mars.”

Songwriter and musician Earl Kayoss has written over 700 songs and his website is called, rather appropriately Over700Songs.com and that is the number 700. Earl says that the lyrics are the part that are the most important to him and with each of his songs he wrote the lyrics first with the music coming out of the lyrics. Earl is a registered songwriter and his publishing company is “Vindictive Cat Ltd.”

Fernando Perdomo, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and in demand producer. Originally from Miami Beach, Florida is now based in Los Angeles, California. Whether working on his solo projects or with other musicians, he is highly supportive of other musicians and respected by them. Fernando owns and operates “Reseda Ranch Studios” where he has also had success creating music for film and TV. Fernando’s website is FernandoPerdomo.com.

The guest member of “Life On Mars” is Durga McBroom. A vocalist from Los Angeles who is particularly known for her 3 world tours with “Pink Floyd” and her solo career with “Blue Pearl.” You can find Durga at Facebook/DurgaMcBroomHudson and on Twitter as MrsDurgaMcBroom.

The final contributor to “Life On Mars” is Ruti Celli on vocals and cello. Israeli born, classically trained cellist Ruti began her musical journey at the age of 8. She moved to the USA in 1997 to complete her degree in cello performance. Ruti collaborates with singer-songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire Fernando Perdomo. Together they are the improvisational duo “Fern & Celli” currently receiving local recognition as a unique music act. They are about to release their debut album in the winter of 2017. Ruti’s website is RutiCelli.com and that is R-u-t-i-C-e-l-l-i, RutiCelli.com. I hope I said that right. The 2nd track that I will play for you today is the rather lovely “Someday Maybe.”


I do like that song. Sing along to that one. That was “Someday Maybe” by the Sunday Girl Artist of the Week “Life On Mars.” “Life On Mars” was formed in 2014 from a fateful collision between 2 worlds. Legendary producer and musician Fernando Perdomo and prolific songwriter Earl Kayoss.

The 2 tracks played today were from their debut album “Far” which was released in May 2015 which you can find at LifeOnMarsTheBand.Bandcamp.com. That is LifeOnMarsTheBand.Bandcamp.com. There is a new album currently in production due for release this year. Here is a preview track called “Technology.” You can keep up to date with all this creativity at EarlKayoss.com. That is E-a-r-l-K-a-y-o-s-s. EarlKayoss.com or at Facebook.com/LifeOnMarsTheBand Earl is on Twitter at Over700Songs.

Here is yet another previous Sunday Girl Artist of the Week, Barb Jungr with her reinterpretation of the very aptly titled David Bowie classic “Life On Mars.”

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Updating my website + New song.

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Sorry I haven’t been updating my site here as often…

been busy doing shows and working on the new Life On Mars album.

8 of 12 new songs for the album are complete so, we’re almost there now!

My new song “Technology” has been accepted for airing on 2 channels on Gravody TV and we are featured artist of the week on Siren Radio 107.3fm outta England this week.

Have a great week, everyone, and thx again for visiting me here! – ek.

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November 7, 2016 – EK – Solo – Riegelsville Inn 7pm

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November 7, 2016 – EK – Solo – Riegelsville Inn 7pm

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November 3, 2016 – EK – Solo – Pearly Bakers 9:30pm

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November 3, 2016 – EK – Solo – Pearly Bakers 9:30pm

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August/Septmber 2016 – SteelStax – 9pm – Thursday’s

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August/September 2016 SteelStax – 9pm

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