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Erich Nestler

Yesterday 4:54 AM
Very interesting interview. Especially fascinating to me are +Earl Kayoss ‘s statements about the processes he is experiencing when writing a song. The lyrics “contain” the music. Once the lyrics are there the music “comes out” of the words. This sounds like what I have read about the ability of synesthesia: one type or two types of senses are combined with a second or third, like numbers being connected to colors or forms. An example for this is Daniel Tammet. There are several videos on him on YouTube.

Some people think that this might have been the case for example with Jimi Hendrix. In the studio he would explain to Eddie Kramer the engineer the music he was trying to record with the help of colors.

Looking at the immense musical creativity of +Earl Kayoss having written and recorded more than 700 songs makes a lot of sense, when he explains that the music comes so to speak in a package with the lyrics.

I have listened to several of his songs that +Rupert Cheek posted along with the interview and I enjoyed all of them.
Those who have not done that yet should quickly head over to read +Earl Kayoss ‘s bio on www.over700songs.com. Just do not forget to take a dose of humor along with you.

Earl Kayoss

Yesterday 11:19 AM
Erich, thx so much for your kind words and insight. I actually believe there is some correlation to the synesthesia you mentioned, and my songwriting… although it wouldn’t have ever crossed my mind without your insight. It makes what happens with my songwriting all make sense. I see no other plausible explanation for it and I’ve always wondered “why” it is the way it is with me but… it just is. Some folks, when they see numbers, they see colors simultaneously, there is no difference between colors and numbers to them at all. Its strange but to me, not that strange at all because when I see lyrics, I see/hear music SIMULTANEOUSLY, there truly is literally no difference between them to me, they literally are one-in-the-same to me. To say it’s “tangible” TO ME WOULD ACTUALLY BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT. – ek

Erich Nestler

Yesterday 1:43 PM

+Earl Kayoss , thank you very much for your response. What you are describing even more detailed than in +Rupert Cheek ‘s interview makes a whole lot of sense to me. I consider this as an exceptional musical gift you are having and sharing with those people who are lucky to hear your songs. Have a nice day, Erich

Earl Kayoss

9:59 PM

Erich, I sincerely appreciate you listening to my song. It means a great deal to me. Your wonderful insight has made me think of something that I otherwise would never have considered and… what you said makes a lot of things make sense and fall together like pieces of a puzzle I was having a hard time fitting together. You’re very kind for taking a moment to read my interview and listen to my song. Your kindness is dearly appreciated. – ek

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