What’s Done Is Done.

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Random Stuff

We finished up the recording process for the album “Disarray”
on Saturday 10.04.09.
It goes to mastering on 10.07.09.

Beside one alcohol-related “problem”,
the final recording session went awesome and
I believe all of the 7 songs we did in the final session
came out better than the first 5.
Several reasons for this, not the least of which was
Dan Crawford’s contribution on keyboards.
Amazing amazing talented musician Daniel is and I can’t thank him enough for what he did.
Danger-Russ Cornwell on Drums and Brian O’Callaghan on electric Bass  Guitar were troopers all the way and both of them contribute amazing talents to the album as well. Fishwife’s contribution’s to this album are immeasurable in their greatness.

This is an important record for me in more ways than one,
as I have learned alot
about the folks I worked with and the people around me.

To those who put MY needs before their own,
There are no adequate words for me to express my gratitude to you.

To those of you who could not say to themselves…
” I know how important this is to Bob and I understand he needs to do the best he can by these songs and by this album and by all the people involved, I’ll just help him out because we’ve been friends an awful long time  and put my ego on ice…”
To those whose  ego’s were larger than friendship and time and good music and memories all I can say is… That’s too bad, your loss not mine. Your decisions, not mine. I would have done whatever you asked of me, if the situation was reveresed. … just because I was your friend and I knew how important it was to you. That would have been good enuff for me. ..AND I have proven that, without fail, throughout the years.

It’s a great album.
Now, it’s out of my hands and it goes out to whomever shall stumble across it.
We are scheduled for promotion to the radio stations early to mid-November, 2009.
I wish the album luck out there, as I would wish it for my own child.
I wish my friends and all those who contributed part of themselves to this album,
without compensation or expectation of compensation, all the best in all their endeavors in life and … we’ll see where this may take us…  one never knows, do one?

to me, this album will stand as a record of true friendship for all of time, if nothing  else at all.

– BD

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