Right !!! What’s all this then?

Right! What’s all this songwriting  about then…?


although i have written over700songs,
i’ve never “planned” on writing a single one of them.

usually, i just pretty much know I am gonna write a song…
i feel it coming on…
and there’s no stopping it.
i am conscious of writing it, while I am writing it and all…
but it’s just flowing out,
like a river to the ocean or like rain from the sky.
i am never attempting to reach a pre-conceived ending or purpose or intent of the lyric.
the lyrics are just what they are,
as they have fallen from the sky.

once i have them all gathered up and set in place
i guess… subconsiously, my life experience is brought to bear on these lyrics

and at that point i make sense of the whole thing
i learn then what it’s all about,

i learn how these lyrics make me feel.
the completed lyric becomes the music to the song/lyrics.
that feeling directly mutates and transforms and morphs into what the actual music is for the song.
so, by default,
there can be no other music for my songs…

“Blues For One” music sounds exactly the way it does because…
that’s exactly the feeling i got from the lyrics.
music sounds exactly the way it does because…
that’s exactly the feeling i got from the lyrics.
etc. etc. etc.

i hate with a passion and with putrifaction the physical act of writing.
i hate holding a pen and having to sit there and write these lyrics out by hand.
the physicalities of it trouble me to no end and
i wish i never ever had to do it.
i wish it would just appear on the page all by itself,
without me being the one who has to physically write it out.
it’s a royal pain in my ass to have to be the one.
i literally can’t stand it.

so… i hate writing ( hate it with a passion ) but…
i  love having written….
with a passion too.

– BD

  May, 2009

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