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Thanx for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy your time here. Hopefully, this site will provide you with whatever information you seek. If not, please contact me at the e-mail link provided and I will be happy to address your needs and concerns.

Any suggestions that will help me make this site more useful to you and others will be greatly appreciated.

The purpose of this website is to allow you to see and hear my music and videos, to let you know about upcoming gigs and record releases, to show off my outrageous guitars in the guitar photo gallery.

There is a section on lyrics which I hope you will visit and find interesting... because the lyrics are the most important thing to me. I have written "over700songs" and each one of them, I wrote the lyrics first, and then the music came out of the lyrics. They are all dear to me, the lyrics, the songs. They are all protected by copyrights in the Library of Congress. Several people have tried to steal a few of them over the years and none have ever prevailed nor will they ever prevail. I am a registered songwriter with ASCAP and... my publishing company is Vindictive Cat Ltd., also registered with ASCAP. All copyrights are © by Earl Kayoss Vindictive Cat Ltd. Images in videos are the sole property of their owners. Videos are for amusement purposes only and are not for sale or reproduction or distribution.

I hope that amongst the over700songs. there are at least a few that you enjoy. Your comments can be posted on the songs, if you wish to leave a comment. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

So... thanx again for visiting me here. I sincerely appreciate it.
- Earl Kayoss"

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Thanx. - BD"